5 Tips to Make Fitness a Lifestyle

A lot of people had asked me how I have made fitness a lifestyle. A habit that is now my passion, my job and that I love. Well, it did not happen overnight. It was a sequence of small steps I took. I did little by little without any rush. The only thing, I remember was being careful about feeling happy and excited after completing my workout. My first goal was doing my workouts everyday. Then when I felt I become more discipline, I started adjusting my diet. For example, I first eliminated white bread and reduced the amount of canola oil and table salt from my diet. Based on my experience, I will suggest you to evaluate yourself and start with small changes. Here are five tips you might want considered and add them to your habits.

1. KNOW YOUR TASTE: This is related to you eating habits, exercise type and frequently. Be honest with yourself and identify healthy food that you will enjoy eating. Then decide what type of training motivates you more and how many days a week would you be committed. Stay as active as you can and enjoy your workouts. Exercise should give you energy not burn you out (at least not at the beginning 

2. EAT ACCORDANTLY: Eat according to your goals or that satisfy your hunger. Eating 5 meals a day is recommended when loosing or maintaining weight. Cook or buy your meals grilled or baked. Eat as most raw or baked vegetables as your can. Add protein to all your meals and control the amount of fat to two portions per day. Choose food that provides nutrients to your body instead of choosing food that provide any nutritional value. Minimize foods with high in calories. Low glycemic index food under 50 will keep your blood sugar levels stable. Don’t forget to drink your water.

3. CONTROL YOUR CALORIES: Yes! It has so many benefits such as flexibility to eat what you like. Portion control fuels your body with the right amount of food and you feel no cravings because you are replenishing your body with the right amount of food and nutrients. Consequently, you enjoy eating and don’t feel guilty. Controlling your portions is also sustainable because you learn about what satisfies you. This is a lifestyle not a diet or something you are doing for fashion or for style. So, learn how much food you need in order to provide your body with energy.

4. HEALTH GOES FIRST: I am suggesting you choose first what you enjoy eating, pick up the right portions and eat as much raw as you can. Also, I emphasized the importance of exercise frequently because it gives you energy and is healthy for your heart. Now, when people start working out on a regular basis and learn more about it, they hear the word supplements and their heads lights up. My recommendation to supplements will be: use it if you need it but don’t rely on them as your main fuel because they are processed food, and you don’t want so much processed food in your diet. Supplements should compensate for deficiencies of nutrients not for main meal replacement. There are some good supplements for replenishing nutritional requirements lost during weight training. Isolate Whey Protein is a good one because it helps with muscle recovery. Whey protein is extracted from the cow's milk containing all essential amino acids for the formation of hormones, enzymes, tissue, and among others. Educate yourself about them or seek professional advice. Choose your supplements wisely. Health goes first.

5. LIVE A LIFESTYLE: Make your new habits a lifestyle. Don't rush though it. There are not short cuts. Enjoy every moment and make your efforts small and achievable. I think this is the most important advice I can give you based on my own personal experience. I am so glad I made these habits part of my lifestyle from the very first moment. Living a healthy lifestyle means changes in your body, mind and spirit. It is a constant effort, and you must enjoy it. Fast changes will only give you short-term satisfaction; slow pace changes will guarantee long-term changes. Make it a LIFESTYLE!

I will guarantee you that if your start little by little and be consistent and patience, you will reach your goals. Be honest and respect yourself. I really hope you find these tips helpful and apply them to your lifestyle. Keep them in mind and I hope they will help you keep yourself on track.

2 thoughts on “5 Tips to Make Fitness a Lifestyle”

  1. I’m enjoying ready your blog, it has a lot of interesting tips.
    I will be trying the banana nut bread. I believe you are one of the best trainer I’ve known, I really appreciate how you tailor the workout to me and my old body. Thanks for all the motivation you give me.

    1. Thank you Rebecca! It makes me so happy to hear your positive feedback. I love what I do and always do my best. Let me know when you try the banana nut bread. It is yummylicious!

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