Hello. My name is Janette Bustamante. I have created this page to share with all of you my fitness and health tips. My goal is to inspire and motivate you to live a healthy and fit lifestyle that you will love. I love cooking, and I love recreating “not so healthy” recipes into healthy ones. I enjoy outdoor activities and I am fully dedicated to my family. I have two kids; Nataly (11) and Samuel (5). I hold a Business Bachelor Degree in Finance from the C.T Bauer College of Business, University of Houston.

I have always been interested in exercising since a very young age. I practiced volleyball and running while I was in high school and did all my best to motivate and inspire my friends and family to do the same. For example, I remember having a “running club” with my cousins, and we used to run around town in the evenings. Then at the age of eighteen, I signed up for a membership at a local gym in my hometown Merida, Venezuela. I have been training since then, on and off, but it was not until a couple of recent years that I was feeling depressed and devastated after some family events and I stopped exercising. I then realized I did not want to continue be depressed and felt the need to go back into exercising. During those days, I discovered that fitness was my true passion. I became more discipline and started to educate myself more about this field.  I obtained my certification as a Personal Fitness Trainer from the International Sport and Science Association (ISSA), and I currently work at a local gym where I offer personalized and group fitness sessions to any individual 18 years old and older.

I am a faithful believer that living a fit and healthy lifestyle is the perfect complement to have a healthy and stable mind. EXERCISE AND HEALTHY EATING HABITS are the best medicine.